New Raging Bull Casino Forum Launched

The innovative US casino Raging Bull has launched its very own community forum in which you can discuss, well, just about anything to do with this cool casino, the games, the bonuses and the promotions available. To become a member of the forum you simply need to register an account at Raging Bull casino and although it's in its early days there's already quite a lot of action.

You may wish to start by checking out the new members and information area, where you'll find the community T's and C's and a section for saying hello! Other sections include a general discussion, casino news, promotions and there's even a big winners section in which screenshots of various big Raging Bull slots and games winners will be posted.

Should you fancy checking out new slots then there's even a section dedicated to that however the most popular forum areas will be those of the bonuses and promotions, after all, that's what many players are looking for...but don't be surprised to see plenty of lively debate in the general chat and discussion area too!

The Raging Bull forum administrators are all staff members and should you ever have a question regarding anything at all about Raging Bull then instead of contacting support via the usual channels you may also now use the 'Casino Support' area of the forum. As with all forums and community based features it may take a little while to pick up however it's great to see a casino using something a little different and allowing members to discuss things among themselves...remember that even Facebook had to start somewhere!