Mobile Slots Players Simply Adore Bonuses

With almost every online casino operator on the European scene and a rapidly growing number in the US now offering a mobile casino option to their players, what exactly is it that mobile slots and table games players enjoy? What gets them to play at their chosen casino? The answer to that one is quite simply bonuses! A study of over 2,000 smartphone and tablet casino games players found that the major attraction for them when it came to playing real money mobile slots was the offer of a good bonus, in fact 35% of those players stated that a bonus was the deciding factor when it came to depositing.

Maybe not surprisingly, coming in at 2nd place just behind a deposit bonus was the offer free money and lower down on the list were loyalty and reload bonuses. At the other end of the scale the least attractive offer for players was that of cash back on losses, and maybe that’s because cash back is directed at high rollers, or quite possibly that it’s something that is given after a deposit has been made and when the player has played, and not during the deposit and play. With so much competition out there and so many great mobile casinos all vying for your attention, understanding what players enjoy and then offering that is extremely important for an operator and a huge amount of money is spent on creating these offers and getting the message to potential players. Getting the offer correct along with making sure it finds the correct audience are paramount to the success of a mobile casino, and with mobile games bringing in more and more of the revenue as a whole for casino operators, mistakes are costly.