BetFred Mobile Casino Has World Cup Detonator Promotion

One of the recent World Cup promotions for us to hear about is what is being offered at BetFred Mobile Casino . This is what is known as the World Cup Detonator Promotion. This promotion is in honor of the world soccer tournament in Brazil. The World Cup Detonator promotion is a way in which players can receive more money.

World Cup Detonator Promotion

The World Cup Promotion was created for those love casino games and world soccer. This promotion will last until all of the prizes have been given it. It is available to all players, and the prize is £500. The prize is given randomly into player accounts.

The great thing about this promotion is that the money must be claimed. If the £500 is not claimed within 24 hours then it is taken out of the account and given to someone else. The casino will do this until someone claims the money during this time. Players will have to check their accounts every day.

About BetFred Mobile Casino

BetFred Mobile Casino is the virtual casino for players who would like to use their smartphone and mobile devices to play games online. BetFred Mobile also has a free casino bonus and access to lottery, video poker and bingo.