AU Slots Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

AU Slots is an online gambling site that's designed for Australian players specifically. With that said, there are lots of features, bonuses, games, and more that non-Aussie players can access. Whether you're from the country or from another part of the world, you have a lot that you can enjoy about this casino, and you should take the time to get to know the site and what it offers you specifically.

Games from Multiple Developers

This online casino offers games from multiple software companies. There are games from Tom Horn, BetSoft, Habanero, QuickSpin, and Xplosive Slots, just to name a few. If you decide to play here, you will enjoy access to a wide variety of different games, with different themes and varying bonus features. This keeps things exciting. There are many games to pick through, though, and that can be overwhelming. That's why we did a review of a few of our favorites below. Read through the short reviews and learn why the games stand out to us.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This beautiful slot game is themed after the fun story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the game, you'll be looking for red and blue potions you can use to get powerful wilds and to unlock a range of different bonus rounds. There are instant play bonuses, free spin bonuses, and a special round where you mix up a potion as fast as possible for the biggest payout. Between all the bonus features in this game and the beautiful graphics, it's easy to see why gamblers love this modern gambling experience.

Candy Tower

This slot game by Habanero is an impressive and modern gambling experience with towers of symbols, a loveable cupcake character, and loads of winning combinations. The game uses a cluster pay system and collects symbols as you play through one spin after another. You can get some seriously huge wins while playing this game, and that doesn't even consider the powerful bonus features you can trigger while playing. We love the fun theme of these game, and the powerful bonuses just make it even more worthwhile to play.

A Low Value Welcome

Some casinos offer massive welcome bonuses, not this site. You can get up to $150 in bonus money from the casino through a 100% deposit match offer after joining. This isn't huge, but many gamblers won't deposit more than the limit for the offer anyway. If you don't plan on depositing thousands of dollars, you may be happy with this bonus offer. If you're a high stakes player looking to bet big, you likely won't be impressed by this offer. Be aware that there are wagering requirements with the offer as well.

Cashback Welcome

As a gambler here, you can get cashback bonuses too. As a new player, you should consider claiming one of the two cashback offers. These special bonuses give you between $100 and $200 back in losses from the casino. The bonuses are 10% or 20% cashback, and they are simple to claim. Input one of the codes and then lose money, and you'll get a portion of the money back in the end. It's as simple as that. These bonuses make it easy to wager with confidence.

Weekly Bonuses

Each week there are ongoing bonus opportunities to take advantage of. These special bonuses change every week, and there are different offers throughout the week depending on the day you're playing on. If you're serious about playing at this casino over time, you will come to know these bonuses and start looking forward to them as enhancements to your everyday wagering experience.

Unlock Loyalty Rewards

There are special loyalty perks as part of the VIP system at this casino. Keep playing over time and watching the bonuses, and you'll discover different loyalty perks you can use. If you're committed to playing regularly, you will earn loyalty points, advance your rank in the system and make the most of your time on this site.

Long Term Reload Bonuses

There are long-term reload bonus offers available here for the gamblers who will stick around and continue playing. Anyone interested in staying at this casein over time will want to make use of these offers when nothing else more lucrative is available. Most of these offers are deposit match bonuses, and they are pretty decent to utilize.

No Available Tournaments

While some casinos come packed with exciting tournaments to enter in, this one isn't one of those places. This site has no tournaments, which means there is no way to compete with other players. Instead, you'll have to be satisfied with playing the different slots and table games on your own. You can still win a lot while playing, but you can't compare yourself to other players.

Test Play the Casino Games

We love that this site makes it possible to try games free. You don't have to risk your money when testing the more than 100 games in this casino's library. Instead, you can load the games and play them like normal but in a free mode. While playing the games in this mode, you will enjoy all the standard features of the game, but you won't be risking real money while playing.

Load and Play the Games Fast

This entire gambling platform is designed so that you can load and play the different games rapidly. You'll pick up the many games and load them in a web browser fast. That means you can test play different games on a smartphone or tablet, and you can easily change from one device to another while you play at this online casino.

Bitcoin is Supported

Bitcoin is fully supported here, and it is the key to unlocking more generous bonuses as well. When you play on this platform, you should consider using Bitcoin to make sure you have extra cash flowing into your account. While spending time at this site, you'll uncover enhanced bonuses if you're a Bitcoin user, so get familiar with the Bitcoin-specific bonuses to ensure you aren't missing anything.

After fully reviewing this online casino, it's clear that it's an excellent site for Aussie players and gamblers in other areas of the world. We love that games are offered from so many different developers. Not only that, but you can get ongoing bonus offers while playing here. We wish the bonuses were more generous and that there were options for high-rollers, but most gamblers can have a good time here anyway.