Cheri Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Cheri Casino is a newer online gambling platform with thousands of games and some nice promotions as well. We decided to test the site because of its game selection, but there are some other perks it has to offer. Get familiar with the site and all it has to offer in our focused review here.

Dozens of Slot Providers

This online casino is home to games from dozens of different providers. There are big names like BetSoft and NetEnt, and smaller names such as YoloPlay and Relax Gaming represented here. If you decide to wager at this online casino, you'll be overwhelmed by the options you have to choose from.

Over 2,200 Casino Games

There are thousands of games at this online casino, which makes it one of the most versatile sites we've ever reviewed. It's difficult to match the variety offered by this site. That's the exciting part of playing on this platform, and it's one of the main reasons that we recommend this casino to so many gamblers looking for long-term fun.

Legion Hot 1

Take on the role of an intense gladiator warrior as you fight your way to glory and riches in Legion Hot 1, the slot game. This slot uses a cluster pay system that offers many more ways to win than a slot that utilizes standard paylines. The game offers extra top and bottom reel positions, a powerful 2x multiplier on wins on the extra lines, and a powerful free spin bonus round. All these special features are triggered by the shield symbols, so you'll want to collect these shields as you play and keep playing until you start the free spin bonus round. This beautiful slot game is fun to play, and the bonuses are rewarding enough to be worth the effort.

Take the Bank

Take the Bank is a slot about a bank robber trying to break into the vault and get rich. The slot plays in cycles of 10 spins and will have you unlocking cluster prize payouts at the end of each cycle. As you spin the reels, you'll notice small bomb symbols accumulating in different positions across the reels. These little bombs detonate and turn into wilds when the giant bomb goes off. That means every ten spins, you'll add a bunch of wilds to your reels, and you could trigger some substantial prize payouts as a result.

What the Fox Megaways

What the Fox Megaways is a slot based off of the hit song What Does the Fox Say? The slot features mega ways symbols that are oversized and result in more likely prize combinations. The game has a powerful multiplier that goes up to 7x while playing, and it's possible to go all the way up to a 343x multiplier by multiplying the multiplier symbols together. We love the brilliant graphics and animations that work together to make this slot beautiful, and there's also a bonus wheel as well as a free spin bonus round to take advantage of. Between all these different special features, there is a lot to enjoy about this online slot game.

There Isn't a No Deposit Offer

A no deposit bonus allows you to unlock free spins or a bonus chip without spending any of your own money to do so. This perk is nice for gamblers that aren't confident about risking their own money, but it isn't something you can use at this online casino. Instead, you can test games for free, or you can make a real money deposit and unlock one of the welcome bonus offers.

Double Your Money Welcome

As a new gambler on this site, you can quickly double your initial deposit using the 100% deposit match bonus offer. The offer is only good for up to $100, but it's still a tool to utilize when getting going. This offer comes with reasonable wagering requirements, making it easy to cash it in to enhance your casino balance in a big way.

Weekly Bonus Offers

There are different promotions available for different days of the week. If you decide you want to gamble at this site, you'll want to check the promotions page to see what selections are available to you and how you can leverage them as much as possible. After a short period of visiting the site, you will notice when the different promotional offers are available to you.

Special Event Bonuses

Throughout the year, you'll notice special event bonuses as well as the standard recurring offers. These special bonuses are for a limited time, and they are often more generous than the regular bonuses are. Look carefully to see when the different bonuses expire so you will be prepared for the other offers. If you don't pay attention to the expiration dates, you might miss the bonuses before you have a chance to cash them in and get the perks.

No Loyalty Program

Some online casinos offer a loyalty or VIP program. This site doesn't offer that perk, though. That means you won't earn special points or rank up your account over time while playing on this site. This is a small letdown that will keep some players from sticking around, but we think it's excusable thanks to the massive amount of games to choose from here and the decent recurring bonus offers.

No Tournament Options

There are no tournaments to enter into and go against other players on this online casino. That means you will have to play the different slots and table games as they were intended. This is an issue for some players, and others won't miss the tournament options at all. If you are concerned about having tournament options available to you, you will have to join a different online casino instead.

An Instant Play Site

There is no reason to download software to play this online casino. Instead, you can open the casino in a browser window and play all the games without any downloads at all. Because the games work in a web browser, you can play them on mobile devices and most devices around your home. It's easy to change from one device to another while playing at this online casino as well. That means you can enjoy ultimate flexibility while playing here.

Demo the Games

If you're interested in playing games at an online casino, but you aren't sure about spending real money, you can try them for free first here. The site offers a demo version of its different games, which means you can load them and play for free. Test some of the games out and get a feel for what you like and what you dislike on the site. Over time you will be able to pick out your favorites and stick with them.

No Bitcoin Support

Very few payment methods are supported here, and Bitcoin isn't allowed as a method. If you decide to play at this online casino, you will have to rely on a MasterCard deposit to fund your account and a bank transfer to withdraw money from it. These options are limited and will keep some players from having a good time on this gambling platform. If you are okay with those banking methods, you can play here reliably. If you aren't comfortable with those payment methods, you will have to select a different site to play on instead.

Cheri Casino is one of the most versatile gambling platforms in terms of the games it offers, but it doesn't support many payment methods, and the site also doesn't have many promotions. If you don't mind these shortcomings, you can have a lot of fun here, but other sites offer more for you to work within those areas.