NAVcoin was created in July 2014 and is based upon the Bitcoin Blockchain. Originally known as Summercoin, which was a fork of the Bitcoin chain, and as Navajo Coin, NAVcoin eventually became the setted name and the coin soon became popular with cryptocurrency traders and listed on many major crypto exchanges. It’s a decentralized peer to peer currency that works on the Proof of Stake system, and as with many cryptocurrencies, NAVcoin is also now being welcomed in online casinos.

At present there are a few good cryptocurrency casinos that allow NAVcoin deposits and withdrawals, however that number is sure to grow as the use of altcoins becomes more popular. The casinos featured here will be updated as new NAVcoin flash and mobile casinos arrive and as their number rises, so will the amount of great slots, table games and dice games that are offered in each of them.