Namecoin is a cryptocurrency that's gaining worldwide popularity and it's also now being accepted by many digital currency casinos. Functioning in a similar way to Bitcoin and indeed having the same maximum supply as BTC, Namecoin is based on the same type of blockchain technology with a few differing features and just like Bitcoin, Namecoin is also mineable.

The Namecoin market cap continues to grow alongside its increasing use and that's made many good casinos sit up and take notice, with many now offering it as an alternative depositing and withdrawal option. Here you'll find a selection of the best Namecoin casinos that each allow you to enjoy your slots and games of choice on your home PC or your mobile device and when using this completely anonymous currency you'll also receive great Namecoin bonuses too. It's a cryptocurrency that's helping lead the way, changing the way many real money casino games players make their financial transactions, moving away from credit and debit cards to a more decentralized, safe and secure casino banking system.