While Monero is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, it has believe it or not, even more secure features that make Monero transactions extremely private. The CryptoNote technology that's used by Monero adds what are known as Ring Signatures to each transaction, making them almost impossible to trace and that makes it arguably the most secure virtual currency around today, and it's a coin that may also be used in the growing number of Monero casinos.

Monero casinos allow members to both deposit and withdraw using XMR, which is the 3 letter code for the currency, and while at present the number of Monero places to play is small, there's no doubt that over time that will change as the popularity of Monero grows. Each casino you'll find details of here will welcome the coin and also provide bonuses and player rewards alongside a great set of slots, casino table games and dice games too, and as the amount of Monero mobile and flash casinos grows we'll be sure to keep the selection updated.

Monero Casinos