The Bright Future of Mobile Betting and Gaming

If you’ve been paying attention to the surge in popularity of mobile devices, which has recently even cut into the normally static desktop purchase share, then it should come as no surprise that gaming stands poised to benefit from the shift in public focus. The high-powered and extremely portable Smartphone, Tablet pc and ultrabook are literally taking over the computing medium, with people actually buying much of their merchandise through one of these portable devices.

This spells good news for the online casino gaming world, given that the business model rests on portability – which is the major advantage they have over land-based, brick-and-mortar gaming halls. How good? Well, H2 Gambling Capital estimates nearly 20 billion Euros of mobile gaming business to transpire by within the next half-decade. All forms are expected to benefit from this windfall, from betting and gaming, to lottery played at online casinos. This represents a significant fraction of the totality of all gaming – online and offline, to the tune of almost 45 percent. When compared to the growth figures of last year 2012, the gross win will have increased by a factor of almost five.

Mobile Betting: Displacing Former Kings

The drastically increasing numbers generated by the mobile sphere is slowly-but-surely siphoning the betting power formerly held by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Japanese Racing Association betting monopolies; mostly due to the relaxation of rules that had once stratified the European betting market. With more and more online casinos extending their jurisdiction to the avid American gaming public, it’s clear that the trend will rise to untold heights as time passes.

Mobile betting and gaming has much to thank for its resurgence. H2 Gambling Capital points out the ever-increasing abilities of Smartphone and Tablet processors as the primary reason – it is now possible to reach the performance of desktop computers from the end of the previous decade on a hand-held device. The ability to enjoy gaming while waiting in airports, standing in long lines, etc, has placed mobile devices over the top as the preferred mode of computing – and the trend is growing feverishly. From the year 2008 to 2013, Global Mobile Gambling has grown from 5 percent to 22 percent as the fraction of total gambling, gaming and betting across all devices. As mentioned, this is expected to rise to nearly half in just half-a-decade more.

This information is provided by the exclusive partnership shared by iGambling Business and H2 Gambling Capital.