Interac provides a wide range of payment methods designed to give people choice when completing a purchase. The company has developed Interac Debit, Interac Flash, Interac e-Transfer, and Interac Online Payment, among other options. Their catchphrase is ‘own your world’. This is most appropriate for the range of services they provide.

The service is aimed at Canadians. It is estimated around 16 million transactions are completed daily via the Interac methods. Their services are used by numerous merchants and businesses. Both Apple and Samsung devices are commonly used to complete such payments.

Are there lots of internet casinos that accept the Interac payment method?

While not all casinos accept payments made via this method, there are several notable ones that do. More are adding it to their roster of banking methods each week as well, so even if your current favorite casino doesn’t carry this method, it might do so in future. You can usually easily discover whether a specific casino uses this method as well. Read on to find out more in our handy guide to this method of payment.

Depositing with Interac at your favorite casino could be easier than you think

The idea behind Interac is that it allows players to transfer money from their secure bank account into their chosen casino account (providing the bank and the casino both accept and use this method, of course). Deposits are made speedily and without any hassle, and since your bank details are kept secure, the casino doesn’t need to know any of them. The process may take a few moments when you do it for the first time, but beyond that, you’ll undoubtedly find it a breeze.

Are there advantages of selecting Interac to deposit with at these casinos?

We already know this is a fast method to use, not to mention a method that is safe for the user. Your bank details are kept secure and private, so you won’t need to share any info you do not want or need to.

Of course, you should also check the legitimacy of any casino that claims to use Interac. Anyone could create a website and add lots of logos to it to seem legit. So, if you encounter a casino you haven’t heard of that uses Interac, do your homework and check it out in more detail. You can then consider whether the casino is right for you. If it is, and if it has valid operating certificates and such like, you can then use Interac to deposit there once you open your account.

Our recommended top Interac casinos to sign up for

There are many casinos we could add to this section, but we’ll highlight three big names that all accept this payment method. Could one of these be the one you have been waiting for?

Is Magic Red Casino going to be the magic one for you?

Everyone wants to experience some magic at their favorite online casino. Magic Red Casino has the name and the appeal, so it could offer the games and experience you are looking for as well.

The Gold Lounge Casino gives you a golden opportunity to play

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Check out the answers in our Interac FAQ section

Interac may be entirely new to you. If so, don’t miss our selection of crucial questions and answers right here. You’ll soon know all the essentials.

Is it safe to gamble your own funds at Interac casinos?

We mentioned how important it is to check the legitimacy of any online casino. The ones mentioned above are legit, but you should always do your own research to confirm a casino is a good one to play at. If you did win prizes, you would want to be sure you could withdraw those funds.

Interac is a trusted and recognized way to transfer money to and from your bank account. If you select a trusted casino that accepts this payment method, you should be fine to use it. Always make sure you stick to an affordable budget though; don’t be tempted to transfer over more than you could afford to lose, in case you didn’t manage to get any prizes.

Should you expect your Interac deposits to be completed instantly?

Yes, in most cases the transfer goes through immediately. There are cases where it can take a few minutes, but it never usually takes any longer than a half hour. That would be the absolute longest time too, as it looks like instant is by far the most common result. That means you can fund your casino account and get on with playing some games whenever you’re ready to do so.

How do online Interac casinos work?

It is important to remember that an Interac casino is just like any other. This is merely a payment method – one that could potentially appear alongside various other payment methods. If it happens to be the right one for you, it could well be a good one to choose. Once you are familiar with how to deposit and withdraw via Interac, you’ll find it just as appealing as any other method you might choose.

Do all online casinos accept deposits made via Interac?

Unfortunately, no… but many do and many more are accepting it as time goes by. If it is important to you to use this method above all else, check and see whether a selected casino does accept it before you open an account with them. It doesn’t usually take long to confirm this. If you cannot find info on the casino website, use their live chat or other contact facility to find out more.

Can I withdraw anything I’ve won via Interac?

Most online casinos have a selection of payment methods you can use. That applies to withdrawals along with deposits. However, not all methods are applicable for both processes. Some casinos use logos for certain payment methods on their home page or at the foot of the page. Even then, though, not all methods will necessarily appear there. Your best bet is to check out their cashier page or banking area, which should tell you all the payment methods you could use.

If Interac is included on an online casino site, check and confirm that you can use this as a withdrawal method as well as depositing this way. You can in theory, providing the casino permits you to do so.

Is it worth looking for casino bonuses when depositing via Interac?

It is always worth looking for bonuses. Since many casinos offer bonuses that apply to certain deposit methods, it is possible that you could find a bonus for Interac deposits too. The best bet is to check the promotions area of your preferred casino (one that accepts Interac) to see if any such deal is available. You can never count on finding one, but if it is available, it could provide some bonus funds to dip into.

What are the advantages of choosing Interac as your preferred casino banking method?

It’s fast, it is certainly convenient, and you can also deposit into your casino account without using an online wallet or card method to do it. If a bank account suits you, Interac does make a lot of sense if you can access the service.