Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic online slots is the perfect 5 reel video slot for a spooky Halloween slots session, and the great thing about this slot is that you can play online or on your mobile device, however when playing on your mobile device, on or around Halloween, we suggest that you do that indoors and not spook yourself too much! Halloween Magic is a simple and straightforward slot to play and enjoy, and the overall design is a little reminiscent of an old 3 reel classic slot that's been given a great makeover along with a few extra modern touches.

The reels of Halloween Magic slots sit in a cool black casing and there's even a handle on the side that's been given a ghostly design adding to the great Halloween and spooky theme. On top of those 5 reels you'll also see the progressive jackpot amount, and that's one of the great features to be found on this trick or treat spinner.

Spooky Symbols and Frightening Features

While Halloween Magic slots may not be the most feature rich slot you'll ever find, the cool feature that it does provide is plenty of fun and can reward you handsomely, and we'll get to that in a second, however first let's take a look at those Halloween slots inspired symbols. You'll find a total of 8 individually designed symbols on the reels, with each one being unique to the slot, and you'll get spooked by the witches hat, broomstick, ghost face, black cats, bats, witches cauldrons and the sun, and the highest paying symbol is that of the pumpkin, with all 5 pumpkins paying out that jackpot that sits on top of the reels. The broomstick symbol will pay wins when only 2 are seen on the reels, however what you really want to do on Halloween Magic is spell out the word 'MAGIC' and get your hands on that bonus round.

The Halloween Magic bonus round is extremely cool and as you spin the reels you'll see special gray symbols that appear, they look like a dark sun. Should those symbol drop in on a winning payline, you will win a letter, starting with 'M'. Your task is to spell out the word MAGIC and when you do you'll get a bonus respin, however it's no normal spin. When that re-spin is rewarded you are guaranteed a 5 symbol win, and that means the minimum win you'll be given for that spin is x50 of your bet, with the biggest possible win being that of the jackpot. It's a great little bonus round and keeps the excitement of the slot going as you build up those letters.

Spin Mobile or Desktop Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic is a cool little slot to play and that bonus round can really provide the big wins, especially if you trigger it in quick succession. It serves up a good betting range that suits all players and the fact that you can get the Halloween Magic action on your mobile and on your home PC makes it even more appealing.