Gamecredits is more than just a cryptocurrency and is in fact a complete payment solutions gateway that is specifically targeting the online gaming industry. With no third party involvement Gamecredits benefit both the player and the operator in that processing costs are massively reduced, payment limits can be much higher and the processing of deposits and withdrawals is so much faster, and while initially created for gamers who enjoy multi-player shoot em up type games it has also been embraced by the online casino industry.

Gamecredits, also known simply as GAME are also popular with cryptocurrency traders and the market cap will tell you it’s a popular altcoin, and its rapid growth is testament to its usability, security and the fact that it’s easy to integrate and anonymous. Here you'll find a selection of Gamecredits casinos that can be enjoyed on your home PC or your iOS or Android mobile device and it’s a selection that keeps on growing as more casinos add this great payment option to their cashiers.

Gamecredits Casinos