Feathercoin is a virtual currency that works in a similar way to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin however it has several advanced features that have made it extremely popular. Feathercoin is fast and secure with transaction fees being extremely low and there’s a growing number of online merchants that now welcome it. Popular with alt-coin traders and those who invest in cryptocurrency, there’s a big future ahead for this coin, and it’s now also welcomed in many of the best crypto casinos.

Like many other alternative currency casinos, the number of Feathercoin casinos is small but growing, and here you'll find a list, that will be updated regularly, of the best Feather casinos online. Each one allows you to enjoy slots, dice and casino games on your home PC and your mobile device however the standout feature of each one is that they welcome Feathercoin.

Feathercoin Casinos