The rising use of cryptocurrency means that many new types of online casinos are hitting the web with DASH casinos becoming more popular each month. DASH is a virtual currency that does in many ways work a little like Bitcoin however with its PrivateSend and InstantSend technology it's even more private and arguably a better depositing and withdrawal option. DASH differs from many other alternative currencies due to the fact that it's designed as a privacy centric currency with enhanced security and it's completely anonymous. Created in 2014, DASH has made huge steps forward and it's now a popular coin with traders and investors with its recognition and value both on the up. DASH online casinos take advantage of the growing reputation of those privacy and security features and while these casinos may, at present, be smaller boutique casinos, over time, as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream it will be welcomed in many more. When using DASH in a casino of your choice you'll find that your deposits and withdrawals are instant and that you be receiving great DASH bonuses too, as well as being able to play on your home PC or mobile device. With heaps of great slots and games, as well as many dice games, DASH casinos are making a splash, and the very best of them, you'll find right here.