Limitless Casino

Limitless Casino is a promising name, and it doesn't take long to realize that it does live up to it. We've checked it out in detail, and we're bringing you all those details below, laying out the facts about the casino, so you can work out whether this is the ideal one to visit. With an immediate promise of unlimited withdrawals in minutes - or limitless, as they say - there's a lot to look forward to here.

Which business supplies the casino software at Limitless Casino?

We have Spin Logic Gaming in action here, so this gives us immediate confirmation that there are lots of great games to play. It's the new branding for RTG, which might clarify things if you haven't yet heard of Spin Logic.

Exploring the Limitless lobby

It's simple enough to find the games area via the usual casino menu. And there is plenty to appreciate once you get there, too. They've displayed the categories - five of them - at the top of the page, with another area above for your games, once you begin choosing them. You can also search for others, so it's a neat, simple, and effective lobby at Limitless Casino. Join the casino in the usual way

You know how this works - they give you two buttons, one for logging in and another for signing up. Go for the latter if you want to join, and you can then fill in your information to see what you need to do before you create your account.

Signup restrictions for Limitless Casino

One thing we will say about this casino is that the terms and conditions are split into separate areas, so you can look at each one in turn. It means you're not faced with a giant wall of text in one go. Under the terms of eligibility section, you can see the minimum age is 18. You'll also see a list of prohibited countries where real wagering isn't allowed. The good news is that those from the USA, Australia, and Canada are able to join the casino. Europe has some countries appearing on the prohibited list, so we recommend you check it to see where you stand.

Plenty of the best games from Spin Logic

You can expect to see their entire collection at the casino, which should mean you can enjoy a fine experience whenever you want to play something. They give you plenty of cool slots to play, while also listing some table games, jackpot titles, and video poker games. The progressive titles are in another section.

Have you seen their complete slot game collection?

You should, as it contains some incredible titles, sequels, and successes. There's some labeling in action there as well, highlighting the hot games of the moment and indicating the current jackpot amounts where relevant.

There are lots of free games to play as well

Limitless Casino offers a 'try demo' link underneath the 'play now' invitation. If you opt to try a game first, you can play the free version to see how everything works. It's a great way to experiment for a while to find out which title you most want to play.

Paid games to fit all budgets

Limitless Casino's range of games ensures that everyone can find titles to suit their affordability level. It's always crucial for you to work out how much you can afford to play these games with, and to know when to stop. Fortunately, Spin Logic Gaming creates titles that accept all kinds of coins.

New slot games are simple to see as well

The labeling extends to new releases too, so look out for a green label that simply says NEW on it. This highlights all the most recent releases to make it onto the Limitless Casino website. While there's no dedicated section for these, it's simple enough to spot them.

Finding the promotions at Limitless Casino

The casino has a section reserved for these. Head for that portion of the menu and see what you can find. There are no rules promotions, boosts, and reloads, so wherever you are in your membership status, you're going to find plenty of possibilities there. Read the terms for each individual offer before claiming, so you can see what's expected of you if you claim one.

Does this casino provide players with some tournaments to take part in?

You never quite know what the answer will be in this area. However, the landing page does mention tournaments. There were none available on our recent trip to the casino, but stay tuned as there could be in future.

Casino winners appear on the homepage

You can also see the current total for the progressive jackpots available at Limitless Casino, so there are plenty of promising winning details to look for.

Rewards are revealed inside the VIP Lounge

Available from the menu at the casino, the rewards begin at the Apprentice level. You can then work your way through the other levels until you reach Grandmaster, which offers the best features of all.

Mobile and app facilities at the casino

Firstly, you don't need an app to use the casino on a mobile device. You can just visit the URL on your desired browser and go from there. Secondly, everything looks cool whichever size screen you use, so it's a great casino to visit on that score as well.

Can you play without registration?

Many players ask this, and the answer here is that you should be able to, although the casino wasn't loading the demos on our trip there recently. We suspect this could be a brief technical issue though.

Instant play is the only way to go at Limitless Casino

No downloads, no delays, and nothing but simple instant action at this casino.

Affiliate information is easy to find

You just need to head for the info column at the bottom of their website, where you'll find the affiliate program link. The following page tells you more about the program and you can sign up or manage an existing affiliate account from there.

Sporting services aren't on offer

They've stuck to a casino offering at Limitless Casino, and we think that's right.

Blog or forum features aren't there either

Few casinos go for features like these, so it's no surprise to find there's nothing along these lines there either.

Live dealer games don't feature at Limitless Casino

Not much to add to that, is there?

Depositing at the casino

Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum join the regular Bitcoin method in the payments area. No other methods are mentioned, although you can visit the cashier to find out more about the availability of deposit methods.

Withdrawals reveal how the name was chosen

According to the message at the top of the landing page, the casino offers a limitless withdrawal in 10 minutes. This is superb and if the casino lives up to that, you won't have any issues sorting out some withdrawals whenever you're ready.

Bitcoin isn't the only virtual currency available in the payments area

This means it could be easier than ever before to find Bitcoin bonuses or crypto bonus information. Just check the promo page to learn more. We spotted a few that directly mentioned these options.

FAQs and 24/7 support available

You can see this right at the bottom of the casino website, as both links appear in the info column of the lower menu. Chances are you won't need to contact anyone because the casino has some useful advice in the FAQ area.