uPayCard - The New Online Casino Banking Method

The new uPayCard casino banking method is perfect for withdrawals and deposits at many online casinos, and due to its ease of use and convenience, it’s sure to become more popular. uPayCard is an online e-wallet payment solution that also allows you to attach a MasterCard debit card to your account, be that a virtual debit card or a physical one, and with one uPayCard account you’re able to send money to individuals who use the e-wallet, make online purchases and casino transactions as well as withdraw from ATM’s and pay for goods or services offline too....handy indeed!

The 3 main components of uPayCard are as mentioned above...the e-wallet, the MasterCard virtual debit card and the real MasterCard debit card and combined they’ll allow you to pay for whatever it is you wish to purchase, wherever you wish to purchase it from. While the e-wallet may be used to send cash to casinos, as well as make your withdrawals, either MasterCard option adds payment for goods wherever MasterCard is accepted into the mix, and the real card allows you to withdraw from your e-wallet account via an ATM.

When opening your uPayCard account you’ll get the e-wallet as standard and the options of adding either MasterCard virtual or real onto to the account are just that...options. You may open an account, fund it via a credit card, debit card or bank wire and simply use the e-wallet option however should you take the MasterCard, when using that card, all funds spent will be deducted from the e-wallet, working in much the same way as other well established and well known e-wallets of this type. The convenience of having cash in one place, i.e the e-wallet, but being able to use that cash via multiple channels, either online, in stores or getting cash from ATM’s makes uPayCard a very good all round solution, a solution that has the potential to become very popular indeed.