Spooky Family Slots

Whenever you see the name iSoftBet, there is a good chance you may have stumbled over a great slot to play. That’s certainly true of the Spooky Family slot game, which suggests a very spooky theme indeed. The game looks the part, with a full moon and bats flying as the game begins. What else might be waiting for us here?

Format of reels and lines

This spooky game doesn’t surprise you too much here, with five reels and 20 lines on offer if you’re brave enough to play.

Coins you could use in this game

Just 20 cents per spin will be adequate to take a spin on these reels. The biggest bet goes far higher than that though, heading to the maximum of $100.

Special game symbols to look for

There is a definite Addams Family vibe going on with this spooky family, as you get to meet them all on the reels. See if you agree. A skeleton has found something amusing, and you’ll smile too when you realize it is the wild symbol. Only the scatter and the bonus won’t be replaced by this.

Bonus features

If a wild appears in a spin and doesn’t contribute to a prize, you’ll trigger the Wild Chance feature. You get another wild on the reels and that should secure a prize for you.

If three or more haunted house icons appear in a spin, you can feed the Spooky Family’s pet. This pet eats some weird things, but you will win a prize for everything you feed it, so go all out!

There is also a random bonus which could drop anytime. If it does, a coin win is awarded, and you never know how much you might get. The best outcome is 10,000 coins.

Download Spooky Family and play this slot today

This spooky game manages to retain a sense of humor, that’s for sure. With lots of entertaining and spooky elements involved, this should be an enjoyable game to play. Will you manage to find the bravery you need to have a chance of winning this slot? Only time will tell but meeting the various members of this family will surely make you smile – especially if they line up to give you some prizes. What better way could there be to start playing the engaging Spooky Family slot game from iSoftBet today?