Scattered To Hell Slots

Scattered To Hell mobile and flash slots has been designed by the awesome US slots development company of Spinomenal, and if you fancy a slots trip to the underworld to meet a fearsome set of devilish symbols then it's most definitely a slot that you'll want to check out. The hell and fantasy slots theme is awesome and the characters you'll meet are so well designed, and more than a tad scary, however with its unique 12 combinations and no paylines format and fantastic freespins feature, Scattered To Hell slots will deliver a great slots session.

The fiery red and black design suits the fantasy slots theme perfectly, looking a little similar to the great WGS slot of Dragon Master, however what you'll find when playing Scattered to Hell is a totally different format, style and ways to win. Playing perfectly on your home PC or your mobile device, the cool design, different format and superb graphics are what make Scattered to Hell so playable.

All Symbols are Scatters!

The big Scattered to Hell slots difference is that all symbols act as scatter symbols and there no paylines whatsoever, and what you'll need to do to score the wins is to see any of the fantastic symbols 5 times anywhere on the reels. There are 7 hellish monsters on the reels and each one has a different value and a different multiplier, that is all explained on the paytable, which you'll want to take a look at as you start spinning.

That unique payout formula is very cool and adding to it is the excellent Scattered to Hell slots freespins feature which is triggered after a series of 5 consecutive non winning spins. After those 5 spins you'll get freespins until a win comes in and then the meter will start to rise again, and you'll see that in action to the left of the reels.

A Different Way To Spin

Scattered to Hell slots, regardless of whether you wish to play on your home PC or your mobile device is an excellent fantasy slot and on top of the awesome theme, the design and wins formula make it an exceptional Spinomenal slot. Easy to play, highly enjoyable and so different, this cool slot changes up the way that you hit the reels.