Ten Times Wins Slots

If we asked you to think about classic slot game symbols, you might at first think of cherries – maybe the most classic of all. You might then think about bar symbols in stacks of one, two, and three. You might also think of sevens.

All these symbols appear in the Ten Times Wins slot game, along with one other special icon you’re certainly going to be looking out for. We’ll reveal more about that shortly, but first, let’s get into some details for other parts of the game.

Who is the developer?

Ten Times Wins is a game created by Rival Gaming.

Does it offer a demo?

Yes, you should find you can try the game in practice format before switching to the real version if you feel ready and like the experience.

Is there a good theme in play here?

This is a classic game with a few tweaks, so there is no theme to speak of other than having a mix of classic symbols in action.

Does that mean we get a classic design too?

The game isn’t built to look like a one-armed bandit. Instead, it looks like a polished version of an online slot game based on a standard format. The paytable appears on the same screen as the reels, and both parts of the screen are edged in gold. The symbols are all in 2D, but they’re still sharp and nicely designed.

The basics of playing the Ten Times Wins slot game

You might have guessed there are three reels involved in this slot. However, they each have three icons per reel rather than only the one. The game doesn’t have any progressive prizes involved either.

There is just one symbol that stands out from the rest. This is the 10x symbol. You’ll also see this in the middle of the game logo, so clearly, it’s important. This is a wild symbol and it does have a 10x multiplier. This means any wild win is going to be a good one – far better than the standard prizes would be.

How many paylines can you cover?

There are three in the game. Each one can be covered with one, two, or three coins.

Choosing your coin values

Each coin played per spin should be worth between a cent and five dollars. Remember that you can play one, two, or three coins on each line.

The paytable is divided into three columns

Each column reflects the prizes you could get if you played 1x, 2x, or 3x coins, so you can easily see what would be on offer. The best outcome is the jackpot for finding three of the 10x wilds on a paid line. If you did this, you would get 1,500, 3,000, or 5,000 coins respectively for each size of wager.

Any bonus rounds to look forward to?

No, not in this game.

What about free spins?

No, there are none of those here either.

RTP value for Ten Times Wins

According to our research, we’ve found the game sits at around the 95.5% return to player level.

Our rating for the Ten Times Wins slot game

This is a good game if you like to play standard three-reel slots with a few changes to make life more interesting. It’s not one you would likely play for ages, but it is good enough to keep you entertained for a while. We’d give it 7 out of 10.

Winners are unlikely to hit the headlines with this game

Since the best you can hope for is a 5,000-coin jackpot, you’re not going to read about any major winners who have played this game.

Play the demo first

We think this is a good idea, so you can work out your bet amount and likely prizes if you were to pick some up.

Does this game offer you enough potential to play for real?

Only you can work that one out, but it’s a nice change from the usual fruity games you might have tried.

Mobile possibilities

The game is playable on all devices, so you don’t need to stay with your computer to play it. Try it on Android and iPhone too if you’re keen to see how it works with touchscreen controls.