Hail Caesar Slots

Caesar has been depicted in many ways over the years. We all know how he met his end, but his rule is shown in various online slot games too. In the Hail Caesar slot game, we find out that he apparently had chiseled features and blue eyes. That may not be accurate, but it certainly caught our eye! Let's see what the slot game Hail Caesar can offer, shall we?

Developer info for Hail Caesar

This is a game from Rival Powered, so you're in great company.

Demo availability

You can relax here as we can confirm there is a standard demo version available for you to play.

No prizes for working out the theme in play

The theme takes us back to the heart of the Roman Empire, where Caesar ruled hundreds of years ago. You can expect lots of familiar sights along the way.

Bolstered by a stunning design

For many, the most famous sight of Rome is surely the Colosseum. Here we have a slot game set against that very building, with a golden eagle - literally struck from gold - atop either corner of the set of reels.

Let's see the basics in the Hail Caesar slot game

This is a five-reel game that has regular prizes and no progressives. If you guessed that Caesar would act as the wild symbol, you got that part right. The golden eagle also appears on the reels themselves as the scatter symbol. The game also includes a gold Roman coin, and this behaves as a bonus coin.

Paylines in Hail Caesar

There are 25 lines available in this game, so it's a good range of lines for each spin.

Place your bets Romans!

As is the case with most Rival slots, you'll see a range of wagers available to sort through before you play this game. Rival is known for offering a good range that should fit most budgets.

Supported by a solid paytable

Hail Caesar provides us with a detailed paytable that explains all about the game on several screens. You can go through them in turn to see what's what.

Bonus access comes via three Roman coins

There is also a Roman Coin Second Chance feature that triggers whenever you land two of the three coins you need for the free spin round. This means the two coins you've landed will stay put while everything else on the screen spins again, giving you another chance to land the third coin.

Regardless, if you do get three Roman coins in view, you will unlock the Ides of March Pick Bonus. If you know your history, you'll know that the Ides of March was when Caesar met his grisly fate. It should be no surprise then to see a screen filled with Roman citizens all brandishing knives. Well, we know it didn't go well for Caesar, but you need to choose your assassins to see if you can score any prizes. It's not guaranteed that you will, but you can make your pick and see what happens.

You could also score some Roman Triumph free spins

You need at least three scatters to access this round, and the more you find the better. You could net up to 20 free games if you reach this part of the Hail Caesar slot game.

The RTP dips just below the standard preferred rate

We like to see the 96% rate if possible, but this one comes in just below that at 95.4%.

Our rating for Hail Caesar

The idea behind the bonus round is slightly grisly if appropriate for the slot theme, and with free games available as well, this one really does hit the mark. We're giving it 9/10.

Where does the best prize potential lie?

We think the Ides of March bonus could prove fruitful if you choose the correct assassin. Of course, you could also walk away from that round with nothing. There are lots of prizes available in the free games and base game too though.

Play Hail Caesar slots for practice first

This will allow you to work out how the slot plays out and whether it offers plenty of scope for some entertaining slot game play (hint - we think it does).

Play for real at all Rival Powered casinos online today

This is sure to be one of Rival's biggest hits, thanks to the appearance, gameplay, and prizes.

Mobile fans can get a slice of the Roman action too

Visit the Colosseum and get in on the action via iOS or Android as well.