5 Mariachis Slots

5 Mariachis is an online slot game with a Mexican theme to it. The slot game features piñatas, Mariachi band members and a bunch of other unique symbols that help to give this game a fun flavor. We were impressed by the appearance of the slot initially, but were even more impressed with the range of features while putting together this review. Keep reading to learn all about what this slot game has to offer and what you can get from it by playing.

Huge Wagering Range

5 Mariachis offers a massive wagering range that should keep most gamblers very comfortable while playing through the slot games. It’s possible to wager as little as $0.25 per spin and as much as $250.00 per spin. All wager amounts are controlled by two different settings, the bet amount and the bet level. It’s possible to wager between $0.01 and $1.00 per line on all 25 lines. All the lines are locked on at all times, which is why the minimum wager amount is $0.25 per spin. The bet level allows you to wager between 1 and 10 coins per line, making it possible to wager up to $10.00 per line for a total of $250.00 per spin.

Multiplier Mariachis

The Mariachi wild symbols are powerful tools to help you win as much as possible during the standard rounds of the game. These symbols help you unlock more prize winning combinations, and they come with multipliers for even bigger wins. The multiplier goes up by 1x for each wild in your winning combination, and it’s possible to win massive prizes if you have all five wilds on a single line.

Winning with the Instant Cash Bonus

There’s a special instant cash bonus that you can unlock while playing this slot game. To trigger the bonus you need to get three piñata symbols across the reels. Do that and you will have the chance to choose one of the three piñatas to unlock an instant cash payout. Choose carefully and you could win a significant amount of money that’s instantly credited to your account. Cash prizes will pay out up to 100x your wager amount with this bonus.

Big Wins from Free Spins

The most attractive special feature that you can unlock in 5 Mariachis is the free spin bonus round. You need to get at least three scatter symbols somewhere on the reels to get the round started. During the free spin round you’ll enjoy 15 free spins where any of the Mariachi symbols are transformed into wilds that will help you win more. You’ll enjoy some seriously good winning combinations during this free spin round. The senorita symbols can show up on the reels stacked during free spins as well, and they will transform into random symbols, often helping to create even bigger winning combinations.

Win Big with a Random Progressive Jackpot

Another nice feature of 5 Mariachis is the progressive jackpot reward. There is a progressive jackpot that triggers randomly as you play the game. This jackpot is worth thousands and can trigger after any spin. Keep spinning and you might get lucky enough to unlock this massive prize payout. The amount will continue to increase until someone playing the slot wins it, then it will reset to a base level where it can start building up again. 5 Mariachis is an exciting online slot game with just enough bonus prize opportunities. Most of the prize payouts are smaller from this slot game, but combinations of prizes are very common while playing, and it’s possible to win prize after prize as you play with enough luck. That’s why we recommend this slot game to interested gamblers.