Cutesy Pie Slots

Hmm, so does cutesy pie mean a term of endearment or something that relates to actual pies? It could be either, since we are talking about a slot game here. It turns out we should look to the former explanation to tell us more about the Cutesy Pie game from Microgaming. Cute pandas and love hearts are just the beginning though. What else might this game hold in store for us?

Reels and lines

This isn't a big slot, instead giving you three reels to spin and a single payline to bet on.

Choose from these coins

The coin values here are bigger than you might be expecting. You'll need to wager 25 cents on the line at the very least. $25 is the biggest value you can go for. The game also comes with a chance to play up to three coins on that line with each spin.

Cutesy Pie special symbols

Since this is a small game, there is no scatter to look for. However, you can make good use of one icon if it should appear. Look for the pink heart to get the benefit of the easiest prizes to be won here. Just one on the line wins you a prize, although you will of course win more if you manage to find two or three hearts on the line. There isn't a wild in action though, which is a shame.

Are there bonus features involved as well?

While the heart leads the way to the most easily-won prizes, there is another symbol you should look for. The blue 7s also appear in this game as the jackpot symbols. As you might guess, three of those on the payline will award a jackpot. We say 'a' jackpot as the amount you would win depends on whether you have placed one, two, or three coins on the payline.

In turn, you would scoop 500 coins, 1,000 coins, or even 2,500 coins if you managed to get that prize. You can see it makes sense to choose the three-coin bet, even if playing that many coins each spin requires a lower-value coin.

Download and play the Cutesy Pie slot today

Will the Cutesy Pie slot seem cute to you? This is one for the classic section of games, and for those who like playing more cash on each spin.