The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays Slots

The Legend of Shangri-La is a title that demands your attention. It sounds like an adventure is on the way. But perhaps this is an adventure offering more than you'd imagine. That 'cluster pays' part of the title is the key to discovering the way you might win prizes in this game, so let's see what it can offer us in the way of mystery and drama, shall we?

Format of reels and lines

There are six reels in this game, and each one has five symbols on it, to allow ample room for cluster wins to be formed.

Coins you could use in this game

You can bet on up to 10 levels here, and each coin must be worth at least a cent and no more than two dollars.

Special game symbols to look for

You must secure a cluster of nine symbols at the very least to win something in this game. Symbols appearing diagonally to other identical ones do not count. A wild shaped as a question mark with a green circle around it is helpful in getting closer to the magic nine you need. If it can replace a symbol next to it, it will always do so in a way that will give you the biggest winning combination.

You can also spot three gurus on the reels, and each of these covers either one position or two.

Bonus features

You might benefit from random substitutions if two or more matching clusters appear in one game. You can win one or more prizes if this random feature should occur.

There are also some sticky respins to enjoy. Don't think you're going to miss out on free spins though - three of the free spins icons are required to get up to eight of those to enjoy. If you only get two free spins icons, a nudge feature triggers. This means you might get that third elusive symbol after all…

Download The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays and play this slot today

This was one of the earliest cluster pays slots to be released. It is a delight to play and one that makes a nice change when you're familiar with regular slots with paylines or ways to win. The ways you can win here are very different, so make sure you check out The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays for a whole new look.