Dream Date Slots

Dream Date Slots

Dream Date is a slot game themed after one of those cheesy dating gameshows that you've probably seen in the past. In the game there is a beautiful woman and a bunch of different guys that are all vying for the title of Dream Date. Each of these men are shirtless and in some sort of themed costume. This slot is the perfect game for anyone looking for a bit of man eye candy while playing a slot, but there are some exciting features included in the game as well that make it worthwhile to play for everyone.

Classic or Moderm

The first step to playing this slot game is to decide if you want to play the classic version or the modern version of the game. Both play exactly the same and have the same prizes, the only difference is the way that the two options look. Classic has a more old-fashioned style with characters like pirates, archers, swordsman and gladiators. The modern option has men like bikers, pool cleaners, firemen and a spy to choose from. It's best to look at each of the options before deciding on the one that you like the best, so check them both out and then make your decision.

Hot Zones

Any time both the dream date and the lady land on a middle position on either reels 1 or 5, they are in the hot zone and you qualify for an instant payout. This feature pays out between 2x and 40x your wager amount, and it triggers more than you might expect. We were impressed with how often the Hot zone feature is activated and just how much money we had coming in from these instant payouts, not even considering the other wins we were getting at the time.

Choosing a Dream Date

At the beginning of a round with Dream Date it's up to you to choose a Dream Date that you want to go with. This single symbol becomes the most valuable, and is the symbol that you want showing on the reels as often as possible.

Huge Winning Opportunities

It's possible to win as much as 108,000 credits when playing Dream Date, which is a whole lot of cash if you have your wager up as high as possible. IF you're playing to win big, you'll love the top prize payouts available from this slot game. There aren't any traditional paylines, but with 243 ways to win you have a pretty good chance of unlocking decent prize payouts as you play through one round after another in Dream Date.

Basic Free Spins

Anytime that you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you'll be gifted with eight free spins. During each one of the free spins there will be a wild centrally located on the reels. If you can get a winning combination of symbols using that wild you'll double your prize payout from the slot. Otherwise you'll just get the standard 1x payout during free spin rounds. There is no way to re-trigger the free-spin round during free spins, so you'll have to wait until the feature ends before you try and unlock it once again. During those free spins any of the male characters morph into the chosen dream date symbol, which means that it's easier than ever to unlock the highest paying combination of symbols.

Dream Date is a high paying slot game with a cheesy theme. The visuals of the game aren't that impressive and look at bit dated, but being able to adjust the look of the game makes it a bit more enjoyable. Anyone looking for a game with a bunch of hunky guys to choose from should get a kick out of this slot game, and even if that isn't your sort of thing there is decent money to be won from this slot game.