Ocean Life Slots

Ocean Life slots from the superb US online and mobile slots development company of Arrow’s Edge takes you on a trip to the seabed and it serves up a unique 3 reel classic slots experience that can be all yours on your home PC or your mobile device in the best Arrow’s Edge casinos. Brilliantly designed and full of such cool slots symbols, Ocean Life slots delivers such a colorful and lively slots experience, and no matter whether you play at home or on the go, the multiple progressive jackpots and superb bonus feature guarantees you plenty of ways to scoop up the wins and swim back to the surface!

With beautifully designed symbols and such a cool under the waves backdrop, Ocean Life slots will suit so many types of players and the simple smooth spinning adds massively to the appeal. This is a whole new arena for Arrow’s Edge as they’re well known for their feature rich 5 reel video slots, however just one look at Ocean Life slots will tell you that many of those unique touches and modern aspects of their video slots design have indeed been incorporated into this superb 3 reel spinner.

Stacks of Slots Treasure Under those Waves

Ocean Life slots symbols are all unique to the game and all so well designed. You’ll be feasting your eyes on octopus, tropical fish, whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks and while the regular Ocean Life wins come plenty regular, it’s the superb bonus round and the fact there are no less than 3 progressive jackpots all ready to be taken that really make this classic styled slot standout!

The shark symbol is key to the game as it will trigger the great bonus round and when that underwater predator lands on the middle reel you’re whisked away to a very special bonus round. You’ll see 12 different colorful fish appear in front of you and as you make your selections the fish will dive down and swim to one of four areas of the ocean floor, and once three fish get together in the same area, your Ocean Life slots cash prizes are awarded. The three progressive jackpots of the Mystery Jackpot, Cash Grab Network jackpot and the Super Slots jackpot are all delivered randomly, and when that Super Slots jackpot explodes, it pays up to $45,000, which is a staggering amount of cool slots cash.

Unique Style and Full Of Fishy Fun

Ocean Life slots is a different Arrow’s Edge online slot and it’s so well designed. That brilliant bonus round is of the type that we’ve not seen before and really does provide something so different. The fact that three progressive Ocean Life jackpots can be provided at anytime means that you never know when lady luck will smile down on you, and the outstanding ocean slots theme is one that a heap of players will love the look of.