Have you checked out the Quickspin portfolio?

You should - it is the best way to learn how engaging and entertaining their games are. Specializing in video slots, Quickspin is home to plenty of slot games based around a diverse selection of ideas and themes. The team consists of several players who are passionate about great slots, and it shows as you look through the collection.

Get ready for our full Quickspin review

If you have ever wanted to know anything about Quickspin, get ready for the answers here. We have gone into detail to learn as much as possible about the brand and their games, and we are going to share all that knowledge with you here.

What are the best Quickspin games to play?

This is a matter of choice, of course - our favorites may not be the same as yours. It is also very difficult to pick some favorite titles when they are all so appealing. However, we can highlight three great titles for you here.

Big Bad Wolf:

Dare you spot the Big Bad Wolf in this dramatic slot featuring three pigs? A cartoon slot of sorts, although with far more detail than you'd expect, you can go after some free spins when you play. Watch out for Swooping Reels and the entertaining Pigs Turn Wild feature as well.

Ark of Mystery:

What does the Ark of Mystery hold in store? It has an ancient Egyptian theme complete with a Hollywood twist. Watch out for a multiplier to appear on reel five, giving you a chance to multiply any prizes by as much as 22x.

Northern Sky:

The graphics in this game give it a different feel, with animals appearing in different colors and tones. It may be a volatile game, but the five-reel wonder has some free spins available where only the best-paying icons appear.

Playing at casinos with Quickspin games

Not all casinos offer games from this developer, however you can find them at two of our favorite sites.


Casumo CasinoThere are some cool bonuses for all new players at Casumo. Pick up 30 wager-free spins along with a 100% welcome bonus to help get you started with some Quickspin slots.


Unibet CasinoHead for the casino at Unibet and see the full range of slot games on offer. You also get the chance to play other casino games and exclusive titles. A £10 deposit also gets you a £40 casino bonus to enjoy.

Free Quick Spin slot machines to try

You should find you can easily play a free Quickspin slot whenever you wish, although some casinos offering these games do require you to be a member to access them. Playing the demo games is a great way to begin, as you can see how the various titles work and what you need to do to secure prizes. Play for the entertainment value only and then decide if you would like to progress to real play.

How often can you expect new Quickspin games to appear?

They always seem to have something up their sleeve, don't they? In common with most other software developers, Quickspin is ready to release a new title very frequently. You can watch out for news of their new releases on our site. We'll always keep you up to date.

Are you looking for some Quickspin Australian casinos to play at?

If you live anywhere in Australia, you have a good few Aussie online casinos to choose from. They don't all offer the Quickspin suite of games, but there are several that do. Make sure you check the participating software providers before signing up to any casino.

Quickspin free slots give you a chance to learn more about each title

The first thing you get from Quickspin is an image of the game plus the title in the middle of it. This gives you a hint of the theme and of what the game itself might hold in store.

However, even though all the promo images released by the company are excellent, they won't all appeal to every player. We all have our favorite themes and ways to play, so it makes sense to find out more before choosing a slot to play.

The Quickspin video slots are ready for you to try in freeplay mode if you wish. This is our recommended approach whenever you see a new release or a title you haven't tried before.

Check the paytable for your selected Quickspin games demo

This explains various things - the rules, the prizes, and what you must do to trigger certain features within the game. Reading this first gives you a better idea of what lies ahead, along with letting you know how to begin play.

Learning more about the Quickspin games RTP values

The RTP - or the return to player value, always shown in percentage terms - is usually mentioned in the paytable or in the information released with the game. However, if you cannot find it, you can count on unearthing it with a quick online search.

Most Quickspin slots have good RTP values, meaning more of the total wagers are returned in prize funds.

Can you enjoy Quickspin mobile games as well?

You sure can, meaning more players than ever can indulge in their favorite video slots on tablet or smartphone. The controls may be slightly different to account for the smaller screen, but you'll soon get the hang of those. The demo should be tried first if you are new to mobile play, even if you are returning to a favorite slot title from the company.

Quickspin pokies Australia: Are these the same as slots?

Absolutely - Aussies tend to call their slot games pokies, and while the meaning isn't too clear, it means the same thing. So, if you see the King Colossus pokie highlighted at an Australian casino, you can be certain it is the same as the King Colossus video slot mentioned elsewhere.

Have you heard of Quickspin token games?

This provides you with another way to enjoy games from this developer. Some casinos provide you with an opportunity to earn Quickspin Achievements. If you spot the token logo inside the game, you can earn tokens that trigger bonuses as you play. The bonuses may vary from one game to another, but they always allow you to start triggering bonuses once you have collected enough tokens.

If you are playing for real, this takes Quickspin slot games to another level. Not all the games from this developer include tokens, but big titles including Dragon Shrine, Sakura Fortune, and Sticky Bandits all qualify.

Give yourself more winning chances with some Quickspin tournaments

Gamification is coming to the fore nowadays, giving players even more elements to look forward to. Quickspin is offering tournament action along with regular games, but they are not like your average tourneys seen elsewhere. The idea is that their tournaments are often connected to various events within their slots. Usually, they would be connected to winning the most within the game, so this provides something new for players to appreciate.

Be on alert for the top Quickspin games around today

Quickspin games are always coming to the fore and being enjoyed by plenty of people each day. Which ones hit the top of the chart you might ask? That is a tough question, as we all have our own preferences.

If you wanted to work out the top slot on RTP alone, Joker Strike would be close to the best you could play. However, if you are looking for the most popular slot from Quickspin, you might find a different title on offer at various intervals, depending on what players are enjoying now.