Tether (USDT) Deposits

More and more gamblers are switching to using a cryptocurrency to move money back and forth for online gambling. Cryptocurrency options like the following: Bitcoin and Ethereum are well-known for being affordable and convenient. These digital currencies don't come with as many fees as most credit cards do for online gambling, and they're known for rapid transactions that many more traditional payment methods can't compete with. The only real downside to a cryptocurrency is that most have a highly volatile value. That means you could deposit one amount of money and end up with a significantly lower or higher value when you withdraw your casino winnings because the coin's value fluctuated during that time. This is why USD Tether is an impressive cryptocurrency option.

USD Tether or USDT is known as a stablecoin that has its value tied directly to the value of the US Dollar. That means if the dollar rises in value, so does USDT. The cryptocurrency maintains this exact link to the value of the USD because a single dollar is set aside for a single coin in the blockchain. That helps keep the coin price stable and lets you know what to expect when you sell.

Bovada has long offered several different cryptocurrency options to its sportsbook customers. Still, the site now offers USD Tether to give gamblers a safe way to move money using cryptocurrency technology. The coin is expected to maintain its value during use and is a powerful tool for moving your money around. If you want to reduce your fees, move money faster, and have more fun at Bovada, it makes sense to start utilizing USD Tether to move your money around rather than one of the other payment methods.

How to Deposit with USDT

To make a deposit using USDT, you must have a wallet compatible with the currency to store your money. Once the wallet is funded, you can input the casino's wallet address and the amount you want to transfer to your casino account to fund it. Once you go through this process, you can add money to your account and prepare for real money wagering.

Bovada is constantly innovating and working to make online gambling safer and more convenient for its members. The online sportsbook now offers safe and reliable cryptocurrency payment methods for you to use. Try USDT today and see how simple it is to move money using the method.