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The South African Springbok Mobile Casino had an absolute stormer of the last year and it's getting the new year off to a flying start, serving up a stack of casino treats that are ready to boost all players bankrolls. Regardless of whether you play on your home PC in the flash or free download casino, or on your iOS or Android phone or tablet in the excellent Springbok mobile casino these animal slots bonuses are themed so well, and of course provide you with so much more bang for your buck!

South Africa is home to a staggering amount of wildlife and that's exactly where the inspiration for these cool Springbok bonus offers comes from and you'll find hippo and cheetah themed slots bonuses along with lion slots bonuses and each one comes with a quote to inspire you to do a little bit more in 2018. Whether you fancy filling your account with an anger management bonus from the hippo or want to be a little more like the cheetah and spend more time with friends then these bonuses not only provide you with bags of free Springbok Casino cash but also with a gentle nudge to do the right thing, and if you fancy a whole load of free Springbok slots spins then you got that too.

Why not start the new year with a stack of free hits on that spin button by using special Springbok bonus code 2018-GREAT which will load your casino account with a very tasty 25 free Zhanshi slots spins, and you can take that bonus at anytime during the month. To collect any of the great bonus offers you will of course need your new Springbok account opened, which is easily done on your mobile device or your PC and once you've enjoyed your freespins, as well as the Springbok animal bonuses you're also able to collect the whopping welcome deal, a triple hit of bonus goodness that provides a stunning R11,500 in free bonus that really is getting 2018 off to a good start.