Online Casino Free Spins

We should make it clear that there are three types of free spins you can get for slot games:

  1. Free spins won from within the game
  2. Free spins offered as a bonus by a casino
  3. Free spins offered by playing a demo game, i.e. one without real prizes

If you pick up free spins from within a paid game, you’re going to get some spins without paying for them. However, with the other two methods (bonus spins and free demo spins), you’ve got the chance to learn more about a game without paying for it. Even then, the free bonus spins could have wagering requirements attached. If so, you should know everything about those terms before using the spins.

Now that we’ve made all that clear, we should move on to learn more about the potential hidden within online casino free spins. Are they able to teach us anything? If we practice using a demo game, can we get something out of it, since we’re not going to get any prize money?

Knowledge is power

No doubt you have heard that saying before. It’s true too, especially within the realm of online slot games. If you load a new game – something you’ve never seen – how do you know what it can offer you? How do you know whether you’re going to like it or want to allocate any of your budget to play it?

Simple – you try the demo. A demo slot gives you lots of free spins to use that have no chance of bringing you prizes. The only thing possible to gain from them is knowledge and more spins, gleaned from demo credits ‘won’ within the game.

Spending even just a few minutes playing a demo slot is time well spent. You can usually tell very quickly whether you like the game. If so, you can switch to the real version. If not, you can move on and try another demo to see if you like that one better. There are lots of reasons why free spins on slots are popular, but in this sense of the term, you can see how powerful and useful they can be.