Big News For Bitcoin as Japan Makes it Legal Tender

Bitcoin is now officially legal tender in Japan in what is being seen as a massively positive move by fans of the digital currency. The new Bitcoin law came into effect on April 1st and has caused the Bitcoin price to rise impressively during the first few days of the month. Bitcoin exchanges and banks that deal with the currency will be subject to conditions that have not been disclosed in full, and all of Japan's Financial Services Agency staff will be trained on what the currency is, and what it's all about.

The move by Japan may force the hand of other countries to do the same and the uptake of Bitcoin is increasing rapidly, with Switzerland moving ahead with Bitcoin ATM´s and Australia working on creating accounting standards for the currency. In the U.S Bitcoin is classed as a convertible decentralized currency and there are in fact only two countries in the world that have clearly stated that they're against it, those of Iceland and Vietnam.

Many US online casino gamblers are no stranger to Bitcoin with most of the best US facing PC and mobile casinos now welcoming it, with players adopting it quickly thanks to the instant deposits and fast casino withdrawals that it provides. The fact that it is 100% legal and is so simple to use add to its appeal and the general thoughts are that at some stage in the near future it will be even more readily accepted and welcomed by many types of businesses. While Japan may be leading the way, many countries are not too far behind and many Bitcoin users believe that the currency has a very bright future indeed.