How To Open A Bitcoin Wallet For Bovada

Bovada now welcomes Bitcoin and this excellent banking option is changing the way US players deposit, play and withdraw their casino and poker winnings, and it's now the case that many have ditched their Visa and MasterCards in favor of this outstanding new option, however there are many that are still a little uncertain about Bovada Bitcoin banking, and here we aim to clear up any questions you may have and help you get going with the Bitcoin Bovada banking option.

You will of course need a Bovada account opened and it matters not whether you wish to enjoy the superb casino, the sports betting or the brilliant Bovada poker room, as getting going with Bitcoin is the same across the board, as the same cashier is used across all products. It's also worth noting that all Bovada products have separate bonuses and that you may take all valid bonuses when depositing with Bitcoin, with special Bovada Bitcoin bonuses also available.

New to Bitcoin?

Using Bitcoin to make your financial transactions is simple and although it may be a little different, getting the hang of it is easy, and plenty of fun. Bitcoin is a peer to peer currency with no third parties involved in any transaction, and that means, unlike when using a credit card, there are no banks or clearing houses to deal with. This in turn means that you'll never receive a declined transaction message, and that's perfect for any player who's ever had issues when using a credit card. Bovada Bitcoin deposits are so easy to make, as are your withdrawals too and the safety and security features that are inherent within Bitcoin are outstanding. There is of course much mainstream news regarding Bitcoin, the price and the future of it, with the vast majority of people believing that there's a very bright future ahead for this easy to use currency.

Choosing your Bitcoin Wallet and Making Your Deposits

There are many Bitcoin wallets available for US residents and although there are of course differences between them, each will allow you to easily and quickly deposit and make your fast withdrawals. Cubits is an option many Bovada players use, as is Coinbase which is regulated in the US, and when choosing your new Bitcoin wallet it's always advised that you do your own research and make your own choice, however each wallet available for US residents will work just fine, and once you have that wallet opened you're good to go.

Making your Bovada Bitcoin deposits really is so simple and now that you have your Bovada account and your Bitcoin wallet open you'll be getting your gaming going so easily. In the Bovada cashier you'll see the Bitcoin depositing option and a quick click takes you to a page where you may copy the Bovada Bitcoin address. You'll then need to paste that address in the send field from your wallet, along with the amount of BTC you wish to send and hit that send button. Your Bovada account will be instantly funded and you'll also be getting your Bitcoin welcome bonus along with any other valid player rewards, however the main thing at this point is that you're now a Bovada Bitcoin player, and that opens up a world of the best gaming action for US players!

Cashing Out Your Bovada Winnings with Bitcoin

Requesting a Bovada Bitcoin payout is as easy as making your deposit and you'll need to head back to the cashier to do so. You'll need to provide that cashier with your Bitcoin address, which you may easily take from your wallet. A quick copy and paste of that address along with the amount you wish to withdraw is then required and a click on the submit button will begin the process of getting that BTC to your wallet. This process, thanks to no third parties being involved takes no more than 24 hours, and that, is so so much faster than waiting for a cheque or a bank wire, giving you access to your Bovada winnings the same day that your request was made, and that really is outstanding.

You May Have a Few Questions?

Many players will want to know how long does a Bitcoin Bovada payout take to process? The answer is under 24 hours, and the question of Can you deposit Bitcoin into your bank account often arises, and that really does depend on where you live and which bank you deal with, however the typical answer is yes you can. How much you wish to deposit depends on you and there are no restrictive limits when using BTC, and when it comes to getting Bitcoin into your wallet you'll see that many wallets will simply allow you to deposit your local currency then exchange it to BTC, making it a very simple process.