Drake Bitcoin Users Winning Without Spinning

Drake Casino
Drake Bitcoin users hit big in December even if they missed out on a big slots or games payday when actually playing in the casino. To use the Bitcoin depositing option in Drake Casino you will of course need to be holding some BTC and the price of that BTC rose so much during December that players were in effect playing with free cash. Over the course of the month the Bitcoin price rallied from just over $10,000 to a huge high of $19,700 meaning that anyone holding the most valuable cryptocurrency made heavy gains without lifting a finger, especially if they deposited and played at the right time.

Bitcoin, at the time of writing has settled around the $15,500 mark for now and the future most definitely looks bright for this exceptional cryptocurrency with all signals pointing to yet further gains, so how can you make the most of banking with Bitcoin at Drake?

It's no secret that the Bitcoin price can move quickly and it can move in significant ways and if you're a regular Drake slots and table games player then you can indeed take advantage of this, should you be patient. The key is to always have Bitcoin at hand and in your wallet and maybe you want to time those Drake Bitcoin deposits so that you're funding your account when the price is high, giving you a bonus, on top of the Bitcoin Drake bonus that you'll also be getting!

Using Bitcoin at Drake Mobile Casino is simple and when in the cashier you'll need to start by choosing that option. You'll then take the address from the cashier and place it in the send box of your wallet, sending as much BTC as you wish to deposit. Like magic, that BTC is then turned into USD to play with and should the reels or the cards fall right for you, you'll see that collecting your winnings using the Bitcoin option is again, so simple. You provide an address for Drake to send to and the amount you wish to cashout and voila, you're done and the payment will be with you so much faster than when using the usual methods of bank wire or cashier´s cheque.

There's no doubt that Bitcoin is stirring things up in the world of US online casino gaming, and that wavering of price can be used to your advantage if you keep your eyes on the numbers and make your deposits when the time is right.