Cashback at Slotocash Casino

We could give you plenty of reasons to consider opening an account at Slotocash Casino. If you live somewhere that is welcome under their jurisdiction rules, you may expect to get access to plenty of promotions offering bonuses on deposited amount.

You can dig into those offers, for sure, but they also have a cashback offer if you'd rather choose that.

How does the cashback work?

The site offers up to 35% cashback on your deposits if you don't want to grab a bonus when you make a deposit at Slotocash Casino.

The minimum qualifying deposit to make is just $10, and this must be made when you have a zero balance. There are other conditions attached too, but you can read these in full near the bottom of the daily promotions section of the promo page.

The standard cashback can be sought via live chat within 48 hours of making the deposit. For a limited time, they are increasing the value of cashback to 35% if you make your claim between Thursday and Sunday.

All their bonuses require a bonus code to activate

Some casinos don't bother with any codes or coupons, but that's not the case at Slotocash. Here, you need to use a code for every deal you want to claim.

That means if you would rather choose the cashback route, you can just make a deposit of $10 or more without using any codes.

Be aware of all the deals that do offer deposit bonuses though

Even if you like the sound of cashback, Slotocash has an impressive range of deals on offer covering all kinds of deposits. Some are on offer daily, weekly, or monthly, while others apply to your first deposit or in another way.

For example, they have free spin deals popping up quite often. These are always worth checking out when you can.

One more reason to consider signing up at Slotocash

The name of this casino hints at the realm of slots you're going to enter if you do decide to join. This is a great casino to visit and their versatile range of deposit bonuses and cashback deals cannot easily be beaten.

Check it out today and see if you agree with our assessment. Would you prefer bonuses or cashback?