Bovada Rewards

Most casinos have points to be earned by players making proper bets on the games. These point programs try and outdo each other, but we think we have found one that is right near the top of the tree.

The Bovada Rewards program is offered as a key aspect of the Bovada Casinoexperience. It works in a similar manner to other programs run by other casinos, but there are some differences. The basic premise is the same – every time you make real wagers on qualifying games, you earn points. That much is simple to understand, for sure. However, there are other advantages of being part of this rewards program, as you are about to find out.

Earn points for more than just your regular casino game action

Many casinos only give you points when you wager on their casino games. Bovada is more generous than that. They give you points whenever you bet using their sportsbook or on the poker tables too. This gives you more scope to collect points more regularly if you use some or all those features.

For every dollar you wager, you’ll receive at least one point. That’s for video poker, but if you use racebook exotics or multiples wagers, you can earn 60 points per dollar. There are other variations between those extremes too, so make sure you know which games or wagers would produce which quantities of points.

Exchange your points for hard cash

Bovada gives you the option to convert your collected points into cash whenever you have enough to do so. Easy! No huge limits to hit before you can do so. They put you in control of your points as you play.

You can also enjoy cashback on losses, with bigger percentages coming your way as you progress up the rewards ladder. You’ve got tier points to be collected as well, and these determine which tier you belong to. Unlike many other casinos, though, you won’t fall back through lower tiers if you don’t play for a while. If you reach a higher tier, that is yours for life… until you hit one that is even higher, of course.

The rewards continue to get better the higher you go, too, so you can see the Bovada Rewards program packs in far more than you might have expected. Read more about it – and the many advantages of being a player at Bovada – by visiting the site today.