Bovada Red Room

The Bovada Red Room is not for everyone and not everyone is invited. This is a very exclusive club that is part of the casino and only very loyal, regular players are invited to join the Red Room. Casino members who receive the invitation to the Red Room have already passed the top level of the VIP club and are eligible for the best of the best. Whether a regular player online or at the mobile casinos, the Red Room invitation is not to be overlooked. As the casino describes it, the Red Room brings you to the party instead of you brining the casino to party.

The Benefits of Red Room Membership

As a member of the Red Room, players will receive a personalized customer service and chances to win some fabulous prizes and promotions that are over and above what is given to a regular casino member. In the past members have been lucky enough to receive apple gift cards, three-day vacations in Las Vegas and different places around the world and physical prizes that include white goods and even car. The Red Room is open for players online and through the mobile casino in addition to players at the sportsbook and in the poker rooms. The personalized service that is given with the Red Room membership also updates players at every stage on what is available and their status in the club and the number of cashbacks, free spins and special bonuses that they are eligible for.