How a Progressive Jackpots Work

Progressive jackpots offer life changing amounts of money, these huge jackpots reach into the millions of dollars and when they drop slots players dreams are made. Most US online casinos will offer you the chance to play progressive slots and go hunting for that big win and for many US slots fans the thrill of chasing that huge amount of money is what online slots playing is all about. Progressive jackpots not only grow to huge amounts but they also grow extremely quickly, and even after being won and paid out to the lucky winner, it’s not long until they’re ready to burst again, paying out another slots fortune, but have you ever wondered how a progressive jackpot works? Here we’ll take a look at progressives jackpots in a little detail and let you know, how they grow and how they work.

A Little Boost With Every Single Spin

There are two main types of progressive jackpot slots to be found in US online casinos, they are the stand alone progressive slot and the wide area progressive slots. While they both work in the same way, it’s the wide area slots that offer by far the larger jackpots. The difference between the two is that the stand alone slot is exactly that, it sits in the casino and is not networked to other casinos, and while these slots can pay out very large sums of money, it’s the networked slots that deliver the real life changing millions of dollar payouts.

We’ll focus on networked progressive slots as these are the most popular and will be found in many online casinos. When a slots developer creates a progressive slot then all casinos that use that operators software will begin offering that particular slot in the slots selection. This means that many players play the same slot, but in different online casinos. When you spin the reels of a progressive slot, a tiny percentage of each wager will be taken aside and added to the progressive jackpot amount. You will not even notice the amount, as it is all inbuilt in the game, and as you spin, the jackpot gets larger. Imagine then, hundreds of players in many different casinos all spinning the reels of the same progressive slot! This is what creates such massive jackpot amounts and when won, why they build up again so quickly. Those tiny amounts add up quickly and while you will not notice the amount being added to the jackpot from your wager, you sure do notice the amount when it’s all added up and in bright lights before your very eyes!

Paying Out the Progressive Jackpot

Many of you may be thinking that there is no way an online casino will payout million dollar prizes, however you’d be wrong! Remember that the jackpot has already been collected among many casinos from all of those wagers...the jackpot is in fact waiting there and is ready to be paid. When the jackpot is won, it’s very often the case that the winner makes special arrangements with the casino to collect the payment, and this may be done in installments, simply down to maximum transfer and withdrawal limits.

Mobile Progressive Jackpots

With the huge amount of US online casinos now offering a mobile casino too, this means that you can get your progressive slots action on the go! Mobile progressive slots are now offered in many US mobile casinos and they add massively to the thrill of trying to catch the big win. Imagine having a few minutes to spare, visiting your favorite mobile casino and hitting a progressive jackpot from your smartphone or tablet! It happens more regularly than you think and with plenty of US slots players now getting their slots action on the go, mobile progressive jackpots are being paid out on the regular. The progressive slot is still linked to the regular desktop online casino network too, meaning that they are the same huge jackpots, just won in a different way.