Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is now extremely popular and it's also being welcomed in many great US online casinos. Virtual currency is taking the world by storm, with Bitcoin leading the charge however Ethereum, or ETH, is hot on its heels and is now used and traded by many crypto fans, and it's also making headway into the world of US online gaming. Although there are big differences in the technology behind Ethereum and Bitcoin, for online gambling purposes and simple deposits and withdrawals they work in the same way, with the big difference being that on the Ethereum platform, many different virtual currencies can be created and used in the form of smart contracts.

Ethereum Casinos

The Ethereum network hosts many different currencies with the main one being Ether, the network currency, and while many US casinos will now welcome ETH, just as they do BTC, it won't be long at all until different types of Ethereum currencies may also be accepted. Ethereum is versatile and will be used in many industries where anything of value needs to be secured, traded or exchanged and it does this by using smart contracts that are verified by all parties involved, and it's this flexibility across the Ethereum network that's making it a valuable commodity. The US casino industry is often in first place when it comes to utilizing new technology and Ethereum casinos are out of the blocks fast in providing customers with access to what is a superb banking option, allowing for fast and safe withdrawals and deposits.

How to Use Ethereum in an Online Casino

Online casinos that allow for Ethereum deposits and withdrawals will have it clearly listed in the casino cashier and making your deposits is a simple matter of transferring ETH from your Ether wallet, of which there are many to choose from, directly to your Ether casino of choice and the whole process is complete on the Ethereum blockchain within a matter of seconds. There are even smaller boutique Ethereum casinos that run entirely on the ETH network, allowing you to make bets directly from your wallet, however it's the mainstream US casino adoption that is of interest, and there are now many big players in the industry opening up to this new method. Transfers are extremely secure and you'll be surprised at just how fast your Ether gets from your wallet to the casino and then back again when making a withdrawal, with fast verification of transfers on the ETH blockchain taking no time at all. There are so many more things that can be done on the Ethereum network and it's highly likely that we'll see casinos create their own Ethereum currencies, and you'll also find casinos that will run entirely on the Ethereum network, providing a real different way to play.